Bali Beach Tour

The island of Bali is literally spread with beaches ... We offer you a tour to the most beautiful and famous ones. The program includes visits to such beaches as: Dreamland, Blue Point, Padang-padang and others. In a new car with air conditioning, your trip will be comfortable. During the tour you will be accompanied by our guide speaking your language.

New car with air conditioning

Multi language guide

Necessary equipment



This beach located in the south of the Bukit Peninsula. There is soft beige sand, a spacious coastline. On the beach, you can do snorkeling, kayaking. The beach is conditionally divided into two parts: on one, there is all the infrastructure (cafes, bars, showers, toilets), the other part is less inhabited, where the waves are much higher.



One of the most beautiful beaches of Bali. Here you will not see dense development - despite the great popularity, locals are in no hurry to equip the beach. Here you will find everything you need for a beach holiday: cafes, deck chairs, showers, toilets. The coast itself is located in a picturesque area, among the limestone cliffs, and the beach is covered with snow-white fine sand. In addition to sunbathing, you may be invited to go surfing, yoga, or walk around the area.



A small beach stretching along the coast for 100 meters, which is like a tiny bay surrounded by cliffs. Padang-padang became famous thanks to the film “Eat, Pray, Love,” after which many tourists seek to visit it. In addition, this is one of the few beaches where you can not only surf (this spot is equally suitable for both professionals and beginners), swim, but even climb.



This beach is a place of attraction for surfers from all over the planet, because here are the best waves in the world in any season. This spot is suitable for advanced and professional surfers.


Blue point

A small beach, also surrounded by rocks, so the descent to the water is a cave with access to the ocean. The sand on the beach is soft, but there it is not sunny. Surfers often start from here. You can explore the surroundings or watch surfers riding from a cafe located on a cliff, which offers stunning views of the ocean.

45$ per car

* - You can always discuss individual tour conditions and change the route