Excursion in Bali №3

A tour with a rich program during which you can see everything Bali is famous for: tropical forests, legendary Buddhist shrines, traditional crafts, rich flora and fauna, volcanoes. You will move in a comfortable new car with air conditioning, and the guide is a local resident who speaks three languages, the price of the tour includes all the necessary equipment.

New car with air conditioning

Multi language guide

Necessary equipment


Beratan Lake

The first point of our program is a visit to the unique lake of Beratan, located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. According to legend, the one who drinks from the lake at the first rays of the sun will live a long life.


Oolong Danu Temple

Another attraction located on the shore of the lake is the Oolong Danu Temple. This majestic temple complex consists of 5 pagodas towering above the water surface. Near Oolong Danu there are cozy gardens stretching along the coast, where you can take a walk while enjoying the local scenery.


Tanah Lot Water Temple

Tanah Lot is considered a water shrine among the Balinese, protecting them from evil spirits. This is a unique temple located in the ocean, on the rocks. Here you can explore the territory of the temple, purchase souvenirs from local artisans and dine in the cafe.


Taman Ayun Royal Temple

The temple is divided into three courtyards. On the territory of the complex, you can see the eight-meter bell tower, Bale Kulkul, a museum that displays an exposition telling about the life of Balinese Hindus, sculptures depicting the gods, and grandiose architectural structures.


Abandoned hotel

Bedugul Taman Hotel was abandoned by people more than ten years ago. There are many legends about this hotel. However, to this day, many thrill-seekers flock here to wander along the deserted corridors, halls, climb onto the terraces, which offer a magnificent view of the forest, mountains and hotel grounds.


Strawberry farm

In northern Bali, in Bedugul, there is a strawberry farm Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant, where you can pick berries from a garden. In addition, the on-site restaurant serves desserts, strawberries, and traditional Indonesian cuisine.


Gitgit Waterfall

Our tour ends with a visit to the Gitgit waterfall, which is a system of waterfalls cascading from the top. Bridges and paths lead from one waterfall to another through the jungle. On the way, you can also see all the richness of the rainforests: coffee trees, exotic flowers; you can watch the Balinese work on the rice terraces.

70 USD per car

* - You can always discuss individual tour conditions and change the route