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Gili paradise Islands: a hundred percent rest!

The three small islands of Gili are about an hour away from Bali. The islands attract tourists immediately with their snow-white beaches, which are washed by clear azure water of calm waves. Under the water surface a rich marine life is covered, which attracts lovers of snorkeling here.

All three islands, despite the almost virgin nature, have a developed tourist infrastructure. Here you can find everything: diving clubs, hotels with different pricing policies, a lot of restaurants, Internet access, ATMs, etc. On the islands, you can stay with your family. Due to the calm currents, you can swim in the ocean at any time.

What to do on Gili?

The rest on the Gili Islands can be called lazy. You can just sunbathe, enjoying the beautiful nature and the quiet splash of ocean waves. In addition, you can relax in the Ayurvedic salons, where you will be offered a course of wellness massage and spa treatment.

If you want local exoticism, then tuk-tuk tours are popular here. These are special horse-drawn carriages. On a tuk-tuk you will ride through the picturesque places of the island. The price for such a trip is quite affordable – only $ 6. Alternatively, you can rent a bike and ride the islands’ roads on your own.

In the restaurants, which are also located near the coast, you can order a master class on cooking national dishes, including desserts, salads, chicken and fish. During the training, you will certainly be entertained with local songs and dances, and after cooking a dish, you can eat it.

Or maybe you would like to visit a turtle farm? It contains not only small turtles, which have just hatched from eggs, but also adult individuals that need care. For example, those that have suffered from predators.

There is also another type of service: a trip on a boat with a glass bottom. This is a rather unusual pastime. You will go to places inhabited by wild turtles, beautiful and bright sea fish, as well as other inhabitants of the coastal zones. You will be charged about 10 dollars for 3 hours.

For adventure travelers there is also something interesting. Available are numerous diving clubs, where, for a certain fee, even the most unsuitable person will be taught to dive. The first lesson takes place in the pool, and then you are released into the “big water”. You can arrange fishing with local fishermen by renting gear and a boat.

Many tourists love Gili Islands for their restful slow-paced life, which goes smoothly and unhurried. When you will return to the noisy and populated south of Bali, you will definitely miss the quiet, but proper rest on Gili. If you stay on the islands for a couple of days you will be able to become acquainted with a huge number of people, and next time you will be greeted as a long-time friend with an ingenuous smile.

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