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Great fishing in Bali

Sea life in Bali is so diverse that listing all kinds of fish that are found there would take several hours. Such a large number of inhabitants of the water depths live here because the Indian and Pacific

Oceans mix in the area around the island. Warm currents, islands and straits have a positive effect on the population and diversity of the underwater world.

If you are in Bali and are a lover of outdoor activities, then, fed up with excursions or sunbathing, you can arrange a real fishing trip!

There are a lot of fishing places in Bali, as well as interesting and worthy prey. You will certainly be offered several types of fishing, but you must have an experienced and reliable guide who is well acquainted with what you will do.

Sea fishing in Bali

In coastal waters, fish species such as

  • barracuda;
  • tuna;
  • blue marlin;
  • mahi-mahi live.

The excitement that you will experience when hunting these amazing creatures cannot be compared with anything.

Sometimes sea fishing can really be like hunting – you need to use bait or follow certain tactics. Barracuda is characterized by an instant reaction and once caught on a hook, the fish will actively resist. It will take a lot of strength and perseverance to drag it on the board. Watch out for sharp barracuda teeth to avoid injuries.

Sea fishing can be divided into different types:

  • deep-sea;
  • night;
  • coral fishing.

Deep-sea fishing (trolling)

takes place with the help of a special short spinning, on which you can catch fish weighing about 150 kg. The catch can consist of different types of tuna (yellowfin, bluefin, bigeyed), fish mahi-mahi, barracuda, blue marlin. When fishing, use squid, spinners or artificial bait in size from 10 to 20 centimeters.

The fishing line is released overboard at a distance of 25-50 meters, using several gears for different depths. The boat does not stop moving and floats at a slow speed. Your task is to monitor carefully the gear and wait for biting.

Remember that the boat will always be on the waves, so if you have a motion sickness, it is better to choose a different type of fishing. In Bali, you can catch tuna even from the coast.

Night fishing

begins in the evening at about 19 hours and ends by midnight. Fishing boats are usually working during this period, as many species begin their activity. At night, you can get a valuable prey.

Coral fishing

is practiced in coastal areas where corals grow. The catch here will not be so large-scale, just a palm-sized fish. Usually:

  • coral trout;
  • parrot fish;
  • surgeon fish;
  • snapper;
  • butterfly fish;
  • grouper.

And although it is difficult to call such a catch valuable, but the fish will bite all the time and you will definitely get a lot of pleasure from the process.

The boat drifts quietly on lazy coastal waves or is anchored. Coral or reef fishing allows you to simultaneously relax and enjoy the scenery and fish.

Lake fishing in Bali

In contrast to sea fishing, for lake fishing you will have to go to the forest. Mangrove forests on the island are filled with lakes and rivers. This type of fishing is cheaper and more affordable for tourists. Basically, freshwater fish lovers go to two large reservoirs – Beratan and Batur Lakes. Fishing takes place here at any time of the year. In resort areas there are special artificial ponds where you can catch catfish, gurami or lilac fish.

An elongated fishing rod is used for fishing. You can fish from the shore or aboard a small fishing boat.

Locals, however, prefer sea fish, so lake species are rarely found in markets.

Returning to the shore, from sea or lake fishing, you will most likely be given the opportunity to fry the caught fish in the nearest restaurant or cafe and immediately enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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