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How to choose a boat?

Our park has several different yachts, equipped with everything necessary: satellite phone, toilet, shower, etc. But each of them will be especially convenient in certain cases.

Accura 39Accura 42Accura 49Accura 55Catamaran Lagoon 380SComparison

Accura 39


For example, the 12-meter long yacht Accura 39 is designed for a small company of up to 8 people. Its small size (length of 12 meters) allows you to sail to shallow, where you can admire the diverse marine life of coastal coral reefs, doing snorkeling.

Technical specificationsAccura 39
Spaciousnessup to 8 people
Length12 m
Width2,6 m
Engine2×250 hp
Fuel1400 l
Water500 l

Accura 42


High-speed Accura 42 is suitable for lovers of vivid impressions that follow each other like patterns in a kaleidoscope! Excellent speed characteristics allow you to visit several places at once in one day!

Technical specificationsAccura 42
Spaciousnessup to 12 people
Length13,5 m
Width3 m
Engine3×250 hp
Fuel1500 l
Water500 l

Accura 49


Accura 49 is ideal for lovers of fishing or scuba diving. The yacht with a length of 13.5 meters can take on board 12 people. There is a cozy room for rest and a bed. If you travel together, we can arrange a two-day cruise.

Technical specificationsAccura 49
Spaciousnessup to 10 people
Length13,5 m
Width3 m
Engine3×250 hp
Fuel1500 l
Water500 l

Accura 55


The luxurious double deck yacht Accura 55 can accommodate 17 people. It is equipped with two beds; there is a kitchen and air conditioning system. Here you can hold a small party or other significant event.

Technical specificationsAccura 55
Spaciousnessup to 17 people
Length17 m
Width3,9 m
Engine4×300 hp
Fuel3500 l
Water500 l

Lagoon 380S


If you want to spend more than a few hours at sea, we suggest renting the sailing catamaran Lagoon 380S. During the day, 12 people can be comfortably accommodated on the ship. If an overnight trip is planned, the capacity of the catamaran is 8 people. On board, there are 4 double cabins.

Technical specificationsCatamaran Lagoon 380S
Spaciousnessup to 12 people
Length11,6 m
Width6,63 m
Fuel220 l
Water620 l

Specifications of all yachts::


Technical specificationsAccura 55Accura 49Accura 39Catamaran Lagoon 380SAccura 42
Spaciousnessup to 17 peopleup to 10 peopleup to 8 peopleup to 12 peopleup to 12 people
Length17 m13,5 m12 m11,6 m13,5 m
Width3,9 m3 m2,6 m6,63 m3 m
Engine4×300 hp3×250 hp2×250 hp3×250 hp
Fuel3500 l1500 l1400 l220 l1500 l
Water500 l500 l500 l620 l500 l

Depending on the rental time, there are several pre-planned cruise routes. You can visit islands such as Nusa Dua, Gili, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, as well as Lombok. Together we can create an individual route of your trip.

Additional services are: accessories and equipment for diving and surfing, a photographer, a cook on the yacht. We will do everything to make your pastime on the yacht even more exciting!

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