3-days Tour to Java

A tour designed for lovers of outdoor activities (hiking, trekking, excursions), during which you will see unique natural attractions: the acid lake in Ijen Crater or the blue flame that appears off the coast of the lake, enjoy the sunrise on the volcano caldera, visit powerful waterfalls. The price of the tour includes a round-trip flight, meals, hotel accommodation and guide services.

New car with air conditioning

Multi language guide

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Java Island Tour

The island of Java, located between Sumatra and Bali in the east and having a volcanic origin, can surprise even an experienced traveler: it is here that there are more than a hundred mountain peaks, many of which were active volcanoes. Here are the iconic sights of all Indonesia - the capital, the city of Jakarta, Borobudur Temple, the highest volcano - Semeru. In addition, the island is the cradle of many civilizations.


Bromo Volcano

One of the most popular and active volcanoes that attract with their dangerousness is Bromo. A lot of tourists flock to its foot at dawn to watch the miracle of nature in the rays of the dawn sun, when amid the unearthly landscape, clouds of white smoke appear that are thrown by a dormant volcano.


Ijen Volcano

The volcano, famous for its emerald lake, located in the crater, but instead of water containing sulfuric acid. Smoke swirls on the shores of this unique pond during the day, and at night it lights up with tongues of a violet-blue flame. Here you can see numerous waterfalls, hot springs, an unusual landscape formed as a result of eruptions.


Java Island Waterfalls

Java is famous not only for its volcanoes and lakes, but also for the majestic waterfalls formed as a result of the action of volcanoes: the most famous is Madakaripura, which is a complex of seven waterfalls. Water flowing off steep two hundred meter high rocks will leave an unforgettable impression. We recommend visiting the waterfall with a guide who will tell you the best route, making your trip from one point to another safer. We recommend taking comfortable shoes and umbrellas.

350 USD

* - You can always discuss individual tour conditions and change the route