Climbing Batur

Batur Volcano is one of the most beautiful places in Bali. This ancient volcano, active to this day, attracts many tourists. Blue Marlin offers a unique experience - climbing to the highest point of the volcano and meeting dawn on the top. The price includes transfer by car to the root of the mountain and back, as well as a English-speaking guide. The minimum number of participants is 2.

New car with air conditioning

Multi language guide

Necessary equipment


Transfer to the root of the mountain

The ascent begins with a trip to the root of the volcano. At 2 a.m., our guide will pick you up from the hotel or villa. On-site the guide will give you all the necessary equipment, and your climb to the top will begin.

02:00 AM

Guided climb start

At about 4 a.m., a climb to a height of 1717 meters will begin. Climbing to the top is not particularly difficult, if necessary, the guide makes stops, during which you can relax. Since the ascent to the volcano will begin at night, we advise you to take warm clothes: at the top, the air will be cool for a long time after dawn.

04:00 AM

Watch the sunrise on Batur

In the rays of the dawn sun, you will have a magnificent view of the sea of clouds, the peaks of two other volcanoes - Abang and Agung, the slopes will acquire a scarlet shade. There will be enough time to relax, enjoy the view, take spectacular photos. Then you will hit the road again.

06:00 AM

Transfer to the hotel

At the root of the volcano, a car will be waiting for you, on which you comfortably get to the hotel, and you can relax after an eventful night. The road should not take much time, because in the morning traffic is inactive.

08:00 PM
70$ per person

* - You can always discuss individual tour conditions and change the route