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Visit the island of Nusa Penida along with Blue Marlin Bali

Nusa Penida is the largest island in the southeast of Bali and is part of the island group along with Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Cheningan.

Penida Island is good for short trips for 1-2 days, since it takes a long time to get there and the tourism industry is less developed here than on the neighboring islands.
Traveling on a yacht, you can engage in such activities as snorkeling (in mask and flippers), diving (scuba diving). On the shore, you can make an introductory island tour on foot or by bicycle.

Sights of the island

Visiting most of the attractions that Nusa Penida can offer will take exactly one day. You will notice immediately that the architecture and culture of the local residents are slightly different
from these ones on Bali.

The most attractive places are the temple complexes. When traveling in a group or alone, you can visit the following places:
• The most famous underground temple complex on the island is the Goa Giri Putri Temple. It
is not easy to reach it! You will pass through caves, which are specially equipped for tourist
excursions and have illumination.
• White temples of Pura Dalem Penataran Ped. This complex of religious buildings got its name
because it was built from limestone, so its walls and gates are white. Not only tourists, but also
Indonesian pilgrims visit this majestic temple.

Other places of interest include the natural Sebelah waterfall, which is especially beautiful in the rainy season. Also worth visiting is the highest point of the island on the central plateau, Puncak Mundi. Here you will take the most incredible photos with views from the top.
The lake in the Tembeling forest was formed in a natural basin, the water in it is completely clean. For ones who like untouched nature, fresh forest air and pure water, we strongly recommend to visit this lake and swim in it listening to the song of birds.

Near the Crystal Bay beach, which is very popular among the guests of the island, there is an underwater cave, reachable only by experienced divers. Before entering it, you will make a small boat trip. High cave vaults are covered with stalactites and illuminated through natural
windows causing bright glare on the walls. Here lives a large colony of bats. Hundreds of
animals hang upside-down, occupying almost the entire space. You will remember this sight forever!

The most famous beaches

The excellent beaches favored by tourists are located on the gently sloping northern side of the island. You can spend hours relaxing on soft white sand or shelter from the sun under the sprawling palm trees. Not far from the coast, there are coral reefs, so not only experienced
divers but also amateurs with snorkeling equipment will be able to admire the denizen of the

Comfortable beaches well known among tourists are Crystal Bay and the beaches of Atuh,
Broken, Suwehan and Kelingking.

Atuh Beach is located in a small but very picturesque bay. A thin strip of white sand stretches for a hundred meters, surrounded by lush green cliffs.
Suwehan Beach is located in a pristine corner of the island in the lowlands of the hill. The descent to the beach may seem difficult for small children, so make sure that you are wearing
comfortable non-slip shoes.

Algae farms are organized in the east of the island, and the south is known for rocky landscape and karst caves.

Entertainment on Nusa Penida

As we already mentioned above, the main attractions that the island can offer tourists are sea walks, as well as diving and snorkeling.

Due to its location in the warm sea, the island borders the coral reefs throughout the entire coastline. Almost the whole year during an underwater excursion there is a chance to see firsthand the majestic manta rays, ocean sunfish, sea turtles, hundreds of species of small motley
fish and other sea animals. There are about 20 diving sites around the island. The main diving
spots are located in the south; you can reach to them from the shore on a boat or yacht.
Snorkeling can be practiced in the north and north-west of Nusa Penida. Along the coast, there
are several zones for scuba diving. Landmarks are fishing schooners – they usually stand just at
the edges of the reefs.

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